1. retropixel said: Very sexy 😉

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous said: How did you go from a nice, slender body to a chunky mole filled body? You may have got more boobs [barely if i may add] but you put on a bunch more weight and you got moles and your body and looks like a 40 year old depressed womans compared to 18.

    How did you go from an innocent, peaceful, loving child, 

    to a hateful, insecure, coward as an adult?

  3. oilman51 said: You are perfect don't change a thing

    Thanks :)

  4. pogoroxy said: Damn, you're so Beautiful!! I thought you were that actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Awww thanks. I’ve been told that once before, actually.

  5. cosmicslop30000 said: your sexy!!

    Thank you!

  6. Anonymous said: think of the heavy children you two would have since you are both on the heavy side

    He’s heavy because he’s older and has absolutely no time to work out.
    I’m at a perfectly healthy BMI and am not heavy at all.

  7. Top: my boobs 2 years ago 
Bottom: my boobs now

    Top: my boobs 2 years ago
    Bottom: my boobs now

  8. tathh said: Megan, Can I have a free Skype show, some videos and pictures of all your lady bits and maybe throw in a chance to meet you in person just because I'm insane? Thought I'd try and be a freeloader for once :D How do these morons live with themselves? I'm almost embarrassed to hit the Ask button! Then again, I love having a laugh and acting the fool :P

    Lmfao! Right?! Like what even goes through their head? Oh, I know! Air!

  9. You can kind of see my new tan lines!

  10. s10xxxland said: How are you Megan? You're looking very sexy ;)

    I’m awesome! Thanks!