1. gimpy006 said: I'm open to online dating. Just hard to find good women that would date me

    Well that statement said it all. Lack of confidence. Girls can smell it from a mile away.

  2. gimpy006 said: Wish I could meet a lovely woman like you

    Online dating ;)

  3. aj-jupiter said: I'm sorry you've been having such bad anxiety lately! I'm well acquainted with it myself. Be gentle to yourself. It helps me to journal, take bubble baths, and do yoga to music I love.

    Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate it. Xoxo

  4. Anonymous said: I think there asking for the first model naked pic you had ever taken or around that time early in your career...

    If it’s just around that time you could look up my first playboy shoot “Megan Medellin cyber girl of the week may 3 2010”

  5. najjas10 said: the first image of you and you're naked

    The first picture I’ve ever taken naked? I don’t have it.

  6. la8kers24 said: All I gotta say is that you're beautiful sexy bottom line....

    Thank you xo

  7. Anonymous said: Can i see first naked pic u take it ?

    I do not understand your question.

  8. gimpy006 said: Wow! Just wow


  9. Why I’ve Been Missing

    Once I found out my medication was causing me to gain weight. I switched it. Then that medication made me itch and gave me massive bruising. So I had to try a new medication. Now I’m doing pretty good on this newest medication. No mood swings, but I’m having the worst anxiety. I haven’t been on cam for 8 days because of it. I get dressed up, turn the computer on, then freeze. An overwhelming amount of fear, stress, and pressure sets in. I start to experience shortness of breath and it feels as though someone’s sitting on my chest. So I can’t do it, I can’t log on. And by not doing so, I feel weak, pathetic, and I can’t help but to put all of the blame on myself. Which of course, causes me more anxiety. My psychiatrist said my anxiety is rational, therefore cannot be treated. But surely there’s something I can take to minimize it? I would smoke pot but it interacts with my mood stabilizers and God knows I need those to work! Lately I’ve been hiding behind suntanning and witty tweets. I’m just doing anything I can that takes away my anxiety without being too destructive. I’m sharing this all with you because I’m sure many of you have wondered why I haven’t been on cam for a week. Well, this is the reason. I hope to find something that helps me, soon. Thank you all for your understanding and support. Xo

  10. bubba1979blog said: Megan, You are a very beautiful and sexy woman. Absolutely stunning photos.

    Thank you!