1. tathh asked: Not to be mean, but you look gorgeous ;) Most unlike me to go for the easy humour :D Couldn't resist.

    Haha thank you :)

  2. Anonymous asked: Have you ever done a mash up with Ruby Renegade on MFC?

    No…what’s a mash up?

  3. Anonymous asked: How the fuck can anyone say anything bad about your perfect breasts and pussy? You are beautiful!

    Thanks doll. What people say is a reflection of themselves.

  4. Anonymous asked: outta 65 notes only 14 are reblogs wdfff


  5. Anonymous asked: ew fuck you did a bad shave job and your vagina area is grey as fuck and your asshole looks likes it is covered in shit what the fuck and i thought you were hot before ew damn ruined it

    Anything else? Hahaha

  6. Anonymous asked: not to be mean, but Your boobs are looking saggy out of the bra and idk but it's weird

    It always amuses me when people say, “not to be mean” before saying something mean. Hahaha

  7. Anonymous asked: Is it normal for a pussy to be gray?

    Pussy’s come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, yes.

  8. estrada3225 asked: you have amazing boobs and i am in love with your pussy

    Thanks doll

  9. Anonymous asked: Do you not shave your armpits?

    Nope, I wax

  10. Anonymous asked: The T-Rex Arms is hilarious!

    haha thank you