1. Anonymous said: Yeah, clearly a disgusting whore who sells her body for money. Way to go in life skank. Get a real job

    I’ve never sold my body for money before.
    Once again, there’s a good chance I pay more taxes than you, making my job very “real.”

  2. A doctor smoking hookah. SMH

    A doctor smoking hookah. SMH

  3. Anonymous said: Slut

    That’s rude! I’m clearly a “whore!” ;)

  4. Anonymous said: What made you finally switch from being a cam model to getting a 9-5 job?

    I’m not getting a 9-5. I’m still going to work in entertainment. I just need something more social. Being in the house all day is drving me a bit insane. 

  5. Anonymous said: What is your new job?

    I don’t have it yet.

  6. Anonymous said: What kind of dog are you getting?


  7. Anonymous said: Have you seen the movie "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"?


  8. Taco Bell😛

    Taco Bell😛

  9. Anonymous said: How old were you when your parents splitted?

    When I was an infant.

  10. Anonymous said: Do your mother is still with your father?