1. Grrr! #redlips #silly

    Grrr! #redlips #silly

  2. #smile


  3. Anonymous said: Do you still want to name future kids Evangelina or Maximiliano? Are you TTC?

    It’s Evangeline, but yes, I still want to name my future kids those names.
    No, I am not TTC.

  4. Anonymous said: I get why you left MFC, but why did you stop camming alltogether? You didnt find stremate profitable enough and/or you didnt like the site that much?

    I was just worn out from Camming, period. Even though SM averages out and is pretty steady money, there are times you go an hour making $0. That excruciating feeling I received after one of those hours, was just not healthy. I may cam again one day when Iā€™m emotionally strong enough to endure the high ups and the low lows.

  5. #theshitmyboyfriendsays


  6. anonamo said: I have respect for you and just want you to know theres a pile of facebook profiles of you that are not you there stealing your pics and the one couldnt even spell your name right i tried to report them but it said i couldnt do nothing about it sorry

    You can send me the names of them on here and I’ll report them.

  7. myswagupthere said: Lol your the only person I've seen do "which body part is mine". That's pretty entertaining giving the fact that all these dudes are lusting for you. Is that your profession? Or just line of business.

    I used to be a cam model, but I still sell nude videos online.

  8. howiefeltersnatch03 said: Bottom right vagina


  9. Anonymous said: You should get your clit pierced ;)

    Not my style.