1. Anonymous said: What's the longest you have gone naked and what did you do in that time?

    Probably 11 hours while I slept.

  2. Someone ate Magic Johnson’s pee pad. MJ is looking very guilty. #yorkie #cute #adorable #dog #puppy #funny

    Someone ate Magic Johnson’s pee pad. MJ is looking very guilty. #yorkie #cute #adorable #dog #puppy #funny

  3. pandar87 said: you, miss, are one sexy woman. your boyfriend is a lucky guy! wishing you all of the best!

    Thank you! Xo

  4. Anonymous said: Quick! Give me the punchline to your favorite dirty joke. Ready? GO!

    I don’t know any dirty jokes, sorry.

  5. Anonymous said: How do you go about getting an agent? How can you tell the difference between an honest agency and a scam?

    For modeling you look up the best agencies in your area via google. Contact them and ask them how you can get representation from them. They’ll probably have you send some info over an email, including pics. Or they might do a casting call in person which you’ll need to bring your portfolio and resume to.
    Doing your research and reading reviews on the agency should help. Never ever give an agency money.

  6. Anonymous said: how can a girl look good on cam?i'm talking to a boy that i like alot on skype for the first time, and i have no idea what to do lol i'm scared!

    Good lighting and good cam. Although, those things are expensive and if he isn’t paying you, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

  7. Anonymous said: Would you ever have sex with a midget? If not why

    If I was attracted to a midget and single, sure. But I am in a relationship right now.

  8. Anonymous said: What is your penis size cut off line both length and girth?

    I don’t have one.

  9. Anonymous said: Would you ever have a three some with 2 guys again? Ever been dp'd?

    Probably not. But who knows?
    I’ve been DP’d with a toy and a dick or 2 toys only.

  10. You know what’s annoying? When someone says, “you have so much more potential than this.”
    Um, so do YOU. What are YOU doing in your life that can’t get any better? Nothing. We can always do better. Reach higher. Educate ourselves more. Yet you are completely satisfied with your vanilla job, and I am completely satisfied with my non-vanilla job. Just seems like such a hypocritical thing to say.