1. Anonymous said: Is a five inch penis a deal breaker for you?

    No, I dated a guy with 4 inches once.

  2. Anonymous said: Did MJ get over?

    Get over his sickness? No. His liver is too small, that’s going to take awhile to grow out of.

  3. Anonymous said: wow I must say I'm glad you have "filled out" since your playboy era! you look much better now and I'm glad you aren't falling into the belief that women should all be a size 2. you definitely look good with a bit of meat on ya! take care

    Thanks, but I think many different body types are beautiful.

  4. Anonymous said: Boobs or butts? What's sexier, and why?

    Hmmm that’s a hard one. I don’t know, I love them both!!!

  5. s10xxxland said: Hi, what have you been doing lately? Miss you too

    Mostly taking care of MJ, he’s been a lot of work lately.

  6. anonamo said: You have the most amazing eyes and body if people cant see that they need glasses dont change your body you look dam good i wished i had a beautiful and smart women like you in my life

    Thank you xo

  7. dudeextreme said: When someone tells me he/she is fine what he/she is really saying is that they are Fucked up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional. With that in mind I'm extremely fine. :D I hope all is well for you. I promise I will do a better job in keeping in touch. You are always awesome.

    Lol it’s true.
    Thanks! Miss you xo

  8. Anonymous said: First sex at what age? first love at what age? married at what age?

    I feel like only pedo’s ask this.
    13 I fell in love for the first time.
    I was married when I was 17.

  9. anonamo said: Thats right but you actually deserve these compliments not them so i will be one to say wow i love your picture and i think your awsome

    Thanks! :)